quarta-feira, março 11, 2009

Sobre as TIC na Educação: Banco Mundial em 2003

«They can vastly increase the information resources available to learners, thereby changing the relationship between teacher and student. They can facilitate collaborative learning and provide rapid feedback to learners. These outcomes do not emerge simply through the introduction of computers into the learning setting, however. An appropriate policy framework is needed in which ICTs are used to tackle educational problems; significant investment is made in training teachers and managers to change their knowledge and behaviour; qualified technicians and support staff are available; and funding for maintenance, access to the Internet, and upgrading is sustainable. These conditions are rarely meet, especially in developing countries », The World Bank, (2003: 20)

In World Bank, (2003). Lifelong Learning in the Global Knowledge Economy. Challenges for Developing Countries. A world Bank Report. Washington, D.C.: The World Bank

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